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Understanding credit repair shouldn’t be so intimidating… We help people like you understand the credit repair process.

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We utilize a Technical Factual Dispute Methodology to dispute inaccurate or erroneous information in your credit file on every dispute, giving you a greater chance to correct your credit.

Credit reporting is very important

Credit Monitoring Gives You Peace Of Mind… Monitoring your credit is the best thing you can do to improve the quality of your Credit File.

Credit Repair Shouldn’t be so intimidating, We can Help You…

What can be disputed?

All erroneous or unverifiable information will be disputed, ensuring that the information on your Credit report is correct and up-to-date. We use a technical factual dispute method to dispute to Transunion, Experian, Equifax, creditors, or regulatory agencies.

Will the changes affect my Credit Score?

Of Course! as a result of you correcting some of the incorrect or outdated information in your credit report you will start to see how your score will change.

Can we help you?

Absolutely! Just click on the Get Started Today button, fill in, and submit the form and your way to improving your Credit History.

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Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

I know what you’re thinking, is this credit repair service credible or even legal? The answer is both and we back our credit repair service offer with a satisfaction guarantee that is unmatched. If you feel the need to cancel, for what ever reason, you can and we will return the money you invested during the last 30 -45 days no questions asked.

SmartCredit Credit Monitoring

The days of using consumer reports from credit reporting agencies are over. Today successful credit repair organizations use credit monitoring proactively to update credit repair results monthly, providing you with Identity theft alerts, Score tracker, Money Manager, and up to $1MM in fraud protection, which is well worth the monthly cost.

Proven Credit Repair That Works!

The reality is that credible credit repair businesses should not set expectations based on time of service or quantity of results. All they can do is mention historical results with previous clients, not future results. Historically clients that subscribed to our credit repair service for 6 months have experienced an average increase in their credit score of over 100 points.


Client Credit Repair Portal Access

Our Credit Repair CRM provides all of our clients with a client web portal they can login to, communicate back and forth with, upload sensitive documents to, monitor their credit repair and credit score results per credit reporting agency over time, approve a dispute plan, and even refer friends and family members to us. How cool is that!

Our Factual Dispute Process

The FTC commissioned a study that found over 20% of credit reports contained errors, that’s 1 out every 5 people. Many credit repair organizations dispute errors by stating that the accounts do not belong to me, are paid in full, are not mine, or they’re in duplicate. Our Factual Dispute Process challenges items by verifying or validating them, which is not only legal, you achieve better results.

Consultancy and Support

We primarily provide consultancy services for all our clients. This is absolutely necessary for them to achieve their goals, and with that said, our clients are aware of the key aspects of how the credit repair process works.

What do our clients say about us?

Initially, I had reservations about doing this. I got in touch with Repair USA Credit, LLC, and to my surprise, they looked at my credit report and found that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Repair USA Credit, LLC gave me some credit advice in a credit audit, and I gave them the information they needed to help me correct my credit. Surprisingly, they helped me increase my credit score! They’re the best; I always recommend them to everyone I talk to!

V. Bowler


After years of bad and delinquent credit, I hired Repair USA Credit, LLC. I can say that after six months, I saw my credit scores go from below 500 to above 600. Repair USA Credit, LLC was very professional, hardworking, diligent, and transparent. As they worked on my credit, I was able to track my credit throughout the process through their client portal. Many credit repair agencies want substantial down payments and high monthly installments, Repair USA Credit, LLC was reasonably priced. Thanks, Repair USA Credit, LLC, for getting me where I need to be! If you want to get your credit history back on track, call Repair USA Credit, LLC!

A. R. Collins, Sr.


I am delighted with the results from Repair USA Credit, LLC! The increase in my credit scores far exceeded my expectations! It was a pleasure working with them. They are professional and knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service throughout the process. Working on your credit is sensitive, but they handle your business with utmost confidentiality and discretion. You owe it to yourself and your financial future to enlist the services of Repair USA Credit, LLC.

Victoria Adams


I have used Repair USA Credit, LLC’s service for the last year. I’ve noticed many deletions on my credit report since beginning the cleanup. But most importantly, I was able to get a personal loan for my education. I am well on my way to clean credit and my nursing degree! Thanks, Repair USA Credit, LLC!

Assante Moore

Puerto Rico

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